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Saltman, David (6th Grp)

David Saltman

Biography:  Minimal information available at this time:

Service Time:  After Action Report of May 1945 lists Captain Saltman as the Asst. S-2 (Intelligence).  Status is SD (Special Duty) XIII Corps.

His additional duties included Acting S-1 (Personnel), May 29-31

I personnally spoke to Mr. Saltman and he informed me that all he really did while part of the 6th was drive around with the commanding officer.  He wasn't aware of any of the other responsibilities listed for him.  As I stated in the unit write-up, he became the liason officer to the 5th Armored Division in the CCA (Combat Command A) and accompanied them during their spearhead to the Elbe. He was eventually transferred to the 3rd Army Headquarters at a place called Bad Tolz, which was formerly a HQ’s for Germans

Mr. Saltman's military experiences have been at least partially preserved in the Turner Publishing Company book, Battle of the Bulge.  He retired from the service as a Lt. Colonel.