The People section of this site includes biographies of TD servicemen as well as a few other personnel that have some connection to the Tank Destroyer Forces. Separate pages provide information on the two national groups that were formed by tank destroyer veterans, the Tank Destroyer Association and the Tank Destroyer Society.  A Research Guide and Contributors List, round out the section.

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The Honorees section contains short biographies, most with photos, of tank destroyer veterans.

Honor A Veteran

The Honor A Veteran form gives you the oportunity to submit information to honor someone you may know that served in the U.S. Tank Destroyer forces during WWII.

TD Association

The TD Association section is an article about the Tank Destroyer Association…

TD Society

The TD Society section is an article about the Tank Destroyer Society organization…


The Contributors section is a listing of the many men and women who have helped this site financially, by providing materials (beyond an individual Honoree submission) and through encouragement.  Without them, this site would not be possible.


If you are looking for information about a tank destroyer veteran or unit beyond what is available on this website, there are a few other sources that may have what you are looking for. See them in our Research section.

Medal Of Honor

The Medal Of Honor section provides information about the award and the five tank destroyer soldiers that received it.