The Things section is dedicated to all things Tank Destroyer. It is basically a collection of articles, photos, videos, manuals and other information we have gathered about Tank Destroyers. The materials include some of the books we have used for our research, and some web links to other Tank Destroyer resources.  The photos include Tank Destroyers in both action and not, as well as some of the training manuals they used.


The articles section includes many of the materials we have found or were submitted to us by one of the site’s patrons.

Allied TDs

The Allied TDs description info to be added here.

Axis Armor

This Axis Armor description info to be added here.

TDs In Action

This section of images includes mainly action shots of tank destroyer vehicles, M-3s, M-10s, M-18s and M-36s.  There might be a few shots of some other stuff thrown in for good measure.


This section contains anything and everything relating to Tank Destroyers. You’ll find post cards, posters, match books, sweetheart pins, plates and a bunch of other stuff that wouldn’t fit in any other category.


This section contains 2 galleries:

1. Uniforms, patches, insignias and medals.
2. Weapons, firearms, and equipment.


The videos section includes some links to videos I found that are relating to Tank Destroyers, the men that served in them, the locations were they trained or served or their equipment.


The reference section includes many of the materials that I found useful to my research and some of the materials were just plan interesting.  The countless hours that I have spent on research makes me appreciate even more the amount of work put into the item listed here.  Where possible, I have listed where the publications can be purchased.


Official U.S. Field Manuals and Documents on Tank Destroyers, Tactics, Equipment and Personnel.


A selection of links that are related to Tank Destroyers, WWII or just great places to visit.


In an effort to help support the work of our site and to provide opportunity for you to sell some of your TD related items, we have set up this classified section of the site. It is also our intent to post a few tankdestroyer.net branded items you can use as gifts or collectibles.