No project of this magnitude can be accomplished by one person.  It has taken the efforts and input from literally hundreds of people to make this site what it is today.  The following is a partial listing of the people that have helped me in my quest and are still supporting me with materials and encouragement.  I have not included all the names of people that have provided information for an Honoree, only those who have provided information beyond that aspect of the site. Please do not be upset if your name does not appear on the list.  I sincerely apologize for any omission on my part.  This page is just my small way of showing appreciation for those that have supported me.

The first position on the list must go to my beautiful wife Beth who has not only assisted me with pages upon pages of typing support but slept many a night by herself while I was burning the midnight oil and beyond. The second position must go to Harry Yeide, who has graciously allowed me to use all the Unit Histories from his informative book – The Tank Killers. The third very important name belongs to Bernard J. Haas who was a member of my father’s original unit and one of my first contacts in my research.  The fourth position goes to our former webmaster Andrew Guthrie who has taken my dream and converted it into reality. The fifth person has grown from just a contributor to a full-fledged Research Associate for the site and a close friend. I reached out to Steve Dike when I found photos he had posted on Flickr.  From that point on, Steve has not only provided incredible amounts of info on his father’s unit but also materials on most other units and has become a partner in this project. The rest of the names are given in a list format in no particular order.  They are all an integral part of the site and deserve recognition for contributing to its success!

The NARA; Lonnie Gill; Jonathan Gawne; Congressman Joe Pitts; Calvin C. Boykin; Cecil R. French; Dori French; Patrick Chase; Art Pelkey; Charles Wilts; Thomas M. Sherman; Ball State University: Saint Vincent College Center for Northern Appalachian Studies; Steven Zaloga; Ben Savelkoul; Ron Koslosky; Greg Canellis; Richard Sloan; Richard Drew; Larry Potter; Cindy Russell; Crystal WendtErwin Verholen; Peter W. Bardoul; Dan Rabe; Jack Slattery; Josh Coates; Rich Anderson; Ceilia Stratton; Paul Stevens; Wayne Tennant; Bob Dwan; Jac O. Ullman; Brian Siddall; Wanda and Leonard Harless, Steve Arendt; William Oettle; Anne Boykin; Darren Neely; Dennis Griffith; Greg McQuade; Gregory Orfalea; Ric Morgan; Mirek Seifert; West Point Association of Graduates; Jasson Ferreira; Stephanie Young Merzel; Charlotte Buchanan; Anthony Richard Jr.; John Ahrenholz; G.T. Lomas; Bill O’Thuse; Mel Lavin; Jack Hilliard; Jack Brown; Tim Bowden; Cate Meyring; Laura Ishler; Eddy Monfort; Dana Derber; Laura DeStephano Ishler; Janet Filbeck; Paul Ignelzi; Joan Martinelli; Ray Gossard; Richard Cope; John Giacchino; Beth Wilkinson; Nan Ward; Tom Pyrcz; Tom Grannis; Jim Moore; Barbara MacNemar; Gary Payne, Gail Bensink Kazmar, Cathy Livingston, Brad Cramer, Justin M. Batt, Art Carran, Mark DeBrecht, Bruce Rabe, Henry Anderson and many more


An extra special thank you goes out to those of you who have supported the site financially.  With the present state of the economy, I realize that each dollar is harder to make and doesn’t go nearly as far as it once did.  That’s why your decision to support this work tells me that you feel what we’re doing is important and we will continue to do everything we can to keep the memory of these men and the Tank Destroyer Forces alive.  Those who have given are:

Steven Dike; Randy Sandell; Paul Ignelzi; Luke Gallagher; Beth Wilkinson; Victor Nyman; Paul Cornaby; Craig Ford; Jeanne Iulo Norwich; Preston J. Tassin Jr., Philip R. Jeanfreau, Tony Savino and Randy Theisen, Linda Burns, Louis D’Amicantonio, JoAnn Snowden, Keith McCormack, Judith Nelson, Charles Viator, Mike Minogue, Sally and William R. Bethard, Jim H. Deal, Lee Leibold, Tom Hubred, Joseph Wallace, Fred Hitz, Patricia Browall, Jerry Imperio, Ingrid Holzwarth, Hazel LaRue, Tom Baranski, James Doyle, Michael Mills, Renee Repak, Laura Ishler, Charlotte Buchanan, Patricia Hodapp, Jerry Huddleston, Roberta Callum, John Johannemann, Rodney Little, William Brees, Jason Skufca, Kathleen Moburg, Thomas Kennedy, Kelly McKillip, Melissa DiLillo, Karen Alcott, Rebecca Haus, Joanne O’Brien, Karen Bray, Kevin Klein, Francis “Dee” Montgomery, Dave Turner, Joseph Wallace, John Dooley, Mike Danley, Daniel Levangie, Rob Thomas, John Brier, Michael Berthay, Sam Claymore, Melissa Dilillo, Michael Harvey, Ken Austin,, Joseph A. Rizzi, Thomas Evens, James Dirmaier, James Ward, Fred DeFilippis, Donna Titzer, Rita Alderson, Edward T. Roberts, Allen Tusing, Stephen Barakis,William Pratt, Mary Popeck, her daughter Phyllis Evanoka, William Pratt, Stephen R. Meier, Tom Haskel, Carroll Schaufenbuel, Randy Rumple, Curt Schryer, Thomas Slopek, Tyler Smith, Robert Fickas, Rhonda Koehlinger, Nancy Wasielewski, Carol Gamble, Jim Gagliardi, Chandra Torgerson, Ralph Blatterspiel, Gregory Ragan, Richard Nason, John Olchak, Frank Gregory, Nena Hansen, the Jann Sisters – Barb, Linda and Carol and Dorothea McAlvin.