The following videos feature Tank Destroyers or they relate in some way the 6th Tank Destroyer Group.  Places they were stationed or trained as well as equipment they used.  Because of the size of most videos, these links take you to other sites like YouTube but they will open in a new window within this site.  Just close the window to return. Length of video is shown at the end of the description.

1.  M-18 Hellcat Partial Propaganda Film.  Does include brief view of M-10 in action. 1:01

2.  M-18 Full Restoration by the unit’s owner Josh Coates.  The project took 2400 man-hours and over 5 months to complete.  8:04

3.  M-18 Live Fire of the unit’s 76mm gun and 50 cal. machine gun. 1:05 

4.  War Dept. Film Bulletin 64, Tank Destroyer M10, 3″ Gun Motor Carriage. This version has been digitally restored to provide a much better iamge and sound quality by Military Arts Pictures. 10:34

5.  WWII, Tank Destroyer Boot Camp (Restored Color 1943). 22:56

6.  M10 Tank Destroyer – Army Navy Screen Magazine, Number 6, 1943. 7:23

7.  M3 Motor Gun Carriage Half Track – Camp Hood, TX, 1943 Restored. 8:54

8.  M-18 Hellcat – Behind the scenes of the movie “Saints & Soldiers – The Void” Episode 3.                                 Provided by World of Tanks North America. 5:18

9.  M36 GMC “Jackson” in WWII – Footage includes a good number of clips of the M36 in action, including some of the 703rd TD Bn.  11:04 

10.  Greatest Tank Battles – Lou Celentano of the 825th TD Battalion speaks about the unit’s stand at Stavelot, Belgium, during the Battle of the Bulge. Although he speaks at a number of places, the main interview runs from 11:02 to 24:14.

11.  607th TD Bn and 735th Tank Bn in Saalfeld, Germany – April 14, 1945. 3:04

12. US Army Tank Destroyers in WWII (An American Journey of Combat Capability Development) – A presentation arranged by the Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society and done by Col. Fred Schwartz, who takes his audience through the process to determine the need, the development and the performance of the Tank Destroyer Forces. Col. Schwartz’s portion starts at 9:45.   1:30:05

13.  Tank Chat (#160) on the M18, by the Tank Museum – Presentation by David Willey and the Tank Museum on the M18 Hellcat. The unit used is from the Phelps private collection and had seen action in WWII and conflicts in Yugoslavia.  16.52