The Places section is a gathering of informative maps, photos & other materials relating to locations that tank destroyer personnel and units were stationed or visited at one time or another.  One of the most recognized of these is Camp Hood, Texas, and the Tank Destroyer Training Center.

Camp Hood, Texas

Article about Camp Hood, Texas, which includes a number of documents and photos about the OCS (Officer Candidate School), the leaders of the Tank Destroyer School and other training going on at the camp.

Various Places

A photo gallery of various other images – page 1
A photo gallery of various other images – page 2

Muster on the Elbe photos

The following gallery showcases the annual Texas A & M “Aggie” Muster held this time on the banks of the Elbe River in Germany.  The date was April of 1945, just before the fall of Berlin and the surrender of the Axis powers.  Men of the 6th TD Group helped organize and staff this celebration and at least one man from the unit was honored there.

Maps of Places

A gathering of MAPS (in PDF or JPEG format) of places relating to 6th TD Group and their travels. 

Photos of Dachau

At the end of the war, a number of TD Units spent time at the camp.  Some units, including the 6th TD Group, had soldiers stationed there to guard German prisoners that were held there, after the original prisoners had been evacuated.

1.) Dachau, 7th Army Official Report – Article produced in May 1945

2.) Aerial view of the Dachau Concentration Camp – April 20, 1945

3.) A general photo gallery of Dachau prison camp.

4.) Photos of the atrocities of the Dachau prison Camp.
**Warning: Very Graphic Images, Not for all audiences!**

Gardelegen Massacre

A collection of images from the Gardelegen Massacre of April 13, 1945 and the days following.
**Warning: Very Graphic Images, Not for all audiences!**