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Sebastian, Temple B. Jr. (6th Grp)

Temple B. Sebastian 2Temple B. Sebastian, Jr.

Biography:  Temple Brown Sebastian Jr. was born in Houston, Texas, in August of 1910.  He attended Reagan High School in Houston and went on to attend Texas A & M College, in College Station, TX.  He graduated in 1933, and would become a teacher.  He married the former Gloria Catherine Rougagnac who was also from Houston. The couple would have two sons, James Ward "Jim" in 1943 and Henry A. "Hank" in 1947. 

Service Time:  The first mention of Temple's name, shows up on the 1942, Thanksgiving menu for the Tank Destroyer School at Camp Hood.  He along with Col. Logan Berry and 1st Lt. Allen Rodenhaffer were each part of the Tactics Department.  Col. Berry was the department's Commanding Officer. I am unsure if it was his decision to take these two men with him, or not, when he left to lead the 6th TD Group.  Each of their names appear on the personnel roster for the 6th TD Group, dated December 31, 1943.  At the time, they were at the Ft. Hamilton staging area, in New York City.  This would have been a month before the unit shipped to the UK.

The photo shown below was taken while the men were in England or in Europe.  Another photo shows him still with the unit while they were in Tongres, Belgium.  His name also appears in the form of his signature on the Muster on the Elbe program from April of 1945.  The celebrating took place near the Elbe River in Germany. After Action reports from that time period do not show Temple as still being with the unit. I believe at that point, he had already transferred out of the unit and was commanding a tank battalion.  It is curious that he is not shown or listed on the photo of the officers taken at Binegar Mansion in England.  I assume he had left the unit for a short period for other training or maybe an illness. Temple was awarded two Bronze Stars for his service.

Temple B. Sebastian 1


After the war, Temple would go to work for the Veterans Administration and retire as a Colonel in the Army Reserve.  He enjoyed all types of sports and was a member of the Texas A & M, Aggie Club.  Temple passed away in January of 1995 and is buried in his home town of Houston.