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A selection of links that are all related to Tank Destroyers, WWII or stuff I found interesting and think you will too.


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Web Link Military Museum of Southern New England
A very interesting place to visit with special emphasis on Tank Destroyers. Open turret (hands-on) days at the facility and a large collection of Armored vehicles. Video on the site is worth a watch!
Web Link World War II Vehicles, Tanks, Airplanes, and Guns
Lots of photos and info on just about anything that moved or could shoot.
Web Link Master Index of Army Records
Master listing from the U.S. Army Center for Military History website providing the locations of just about any military record we would care about.
Web Link U.S. Army Center of Military History
The portal for accessing the Army's military records.
Web Link Tank Destroyer Society
Former Calvin C. Boykin, Jr. site, member of the 814th TD Battalion(now deceased). Basically untouched for many years with many dead links,, but still has some good information!
Web Link History of Tank Destroyer Forces - Brief
A short history of Tank Destroyer Forces listed on the 818th TD Battalion website.
Web Link Lone Sentry
A mind blowing amount of information on WWII. Spend the day there!
Web Link Tank Killers
Author Harry Yeide's website about his books, WWII, tank destroyers and tanks.
Web Link Defining Webs, LLC
TankDestroyer.net was created and is hosted by this company.
Web Link WWII History Center - El Dorado, KS
The World War II History Center is a museum and research library dedicated to World War II. The Center includes information about the entire war on the European, Pacific and Home Fronts, and how the entire country pulled together to help win the war. Not only does the center feature the American perspective, but it also highlights the efforts of the Allies and the Axis alike.
Web Link History Department of the United States Military Academy
This link will take you to the extensive listing of digitized WWII Military Atlases (maps) for all conflicts, including both the European and Pacific Theaters of WWII.