Brothers, Myron M. (703rd, 809th)

Myron-M.-Brothers-1Myron M. Brothers

Biography:  Myron Melvin Brothers was born on February 23, 1923, in Youngstown, Ohio.  He was the son of Frank Medbury Brothers and Martha Simon.  After graduating from high school, he met and married the former Doris Cleckner on February 27, 1943, in Baltimore, Maryland.  The new couple had one daughter, Char, born in 1944.

Service Time:  Myron entered the service on April 12, 1944, at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana.  He was ultimately assigned to the 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion.  At some point, Myron was transferred to Company A of the 809th Tank Destroyer Battalion as indicated by his discharge paperwork but it was the 703rd that he felt the most connection to.

While he was in France, an artillery shell came through the top of his tank destroyer and killed everyone inside except him.  He did have serious shrapnel injuries to his stomach for which he received a Purple Heart.  He also had extensive hearing damage which he dealt with throughout his life.  After the incident, Myron was quickly shipped home and discharged when his wounds healed on October 17, 1945.  

Myron worked as a heavy fuel truck driver after the war, until his retirement, but his passion was working on cars.  Myron lived on the west coast of the U.S., until his death on June 12, 2012.

I want to thank Myron’s son-in-law, Bruce, for providing this information and photo of Myron.