Johnson, Maldo B. (6th Grp)

Maj. Maldo B. Johnson

Biography:  Maldo Barnett Johnson was born on Oct. 27, 1912, in Alabama.  He was the son of Joseph Carter Johnson and Julia Barnett.  The family lived in Albertville and after graduating from high school, Maldo went on to attend Louisiana State University (LSU), seeking a degree in Arts and Sciences.  His extra-curricular activities included playing freshman and varsity football and as a member of the Regimental Staff as a Captain.  While on Staff, he served as their Athletic Officer.  He was also on the Scabbard and Blade Team, the Y.M.C.A. Cabinet and a member of the Pi Lambda Beta faternity.

It is interesting to note that while Maldo was at LSU, Lt. Colonel Troy H. Middleton was serving as Commadant of Cadets and Dean of Students.  Middleton was recalled to active service in early 1942 and lead the VIII Corps in Operation Cobra and the Capture of Brest, France, in the Brittany Campaign.  His greatest accomplishment was his decision to hold Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.  The HQ Company of the 6th Tank Destroyer Group, to which Maldo was assigned, was the anti-tank unit assigned to VIII Corp., during the Brittany Campaign. I can’t be sure but Maldo would have probably had an opportunity to work with Middleton.  Middleton would return to LSU and serve as the school’s President.



Service Time: The 6th was activated in September of 1942 but Maldo was not part of the original group of men that were used to form the unit.  He was part of the unit by December of 1943, when the unit was stationed at Camp Maxey, Texas.  He was serving as the unit’s S-2, Intelligence Officer, during this period and throughout most of the war.  He held the rank of Major and is identified as coming from an Infantry unit. 

The unit shipped to England on February 5, 1944, and participated in the Brittanyy Campaign as part of Task Force A.  They were then assigned to the XIII Corps as the Anti-Tank Section for the Ninth Army.  At the end of the war, as some of the other officers were being assigned to different duties, Maldo took command of the unit as of May 26, 1945. As of that day, he is listed as the Assistant Corps. Security Officer and Acting XIII Corps. Antitank and Security Officer for DS (Detached Service).  The unit’s Antitank Section was responsible for Military Government duties along with patrolling and policing of their assigned area.

Lt. Col. John A. Beall took command in early June and Maldo and 9 others were reassigned to the HQ Company of the 6th, which moved from Peine to Coburg and then to Bad Aibling, Germany.  On July 16, 1945, Maldo was assigned to temporary duty with the Third Army Provost Marshal section, per a verbal order, by the commanding officer.

Maldo passed awy on Jan. 9, 1991, and was buried in the Highland Cemetery, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi.












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