Lupo, Nicholas (629th)

Nicholas Lupo 1Nicholas Lupo

Biography:  Nicholas Lupo, “Nick”, was born on September 30, 1923, in Brooklyn, New York. He is the son of Frank Lupo and Frances Caggiano and attended Brooklyn Technical High School, graduating in 1942. He then worked in the machine shop of the Brooklyn Naval Yard.

Service Time:  Nick entered the Army and was sent to Camp Hood, Texas, for his basic training. During his early training he qualified as a Sharpshooter and was  assigned to Headquarters Company of the 629th Tank Destroyer Battalion. He served with them throughout the war.

In addition to Camp Hood, the unit trained at the Desert Training Center (Camp Ibis) near Indio, California, Camp Maxey, Texas and finally moved to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, for final preparations before shipping out. The men were moved by truck to the New York port and sailed on a British transport ship on December 29, 1943.

The ship arrived at Liverpool, England on January 9, 1944. The men would begin seven months of training before being loaded on LSTs (Landing Craft Tank) and landed at Omaha Beach on July 1st. The unit performed artillery missions in the Caumont sector and then joined the 30th Infantry Division in fighting at Mortain in early August. They then supported the reduction of the Falaise Pocket and participated in V Corps parade through Paris on August 29th, celebrating its liberation. Nick recalled that this was one of his most memorable days.

Advancing to Luxembourg by early September, they then supported operations in the Hürtgen Forest and against the Siegfried Line. The 629th shifted to the Ardennes sector on December 24th and fought to eliminate the Bulge in January 1945. The unit joined the renewed assault on the Siegfried Line in February and crossed the Rhine River into the Remagen bridgehead on March 11th. They converted to the M36 Tank Destroyer that same month and participated in operations against the Ruhr Pocket in April, conducting a road march south to Bavaria, reaching the Isar River before ending offensive operations.

The 629th received credit for campaigns in Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, the Ardennes and Central Europe. Nick received the EAME Medal, WWII Victory, American Campaign Medal and Good Conduct Medal. He left the service at the rank of Corporal.

Nicholas Lupo 2Nicholas Lupo 3


Nick returned home to Brooklyn and was able to get an accounting job with the Federal Government. On January 29, 1949, he married the former Jean Ann Mirabido, who was also born in Brooklyn and was the daughter of Joseph and Angela Mirabido. The new couple would remain in Brooklyn and had two sons, Nicholas Jr., born in 1952, and Frank in 1959. In his spare time, Nick enjoyed bowling, pick-up football games and softball. He was also a member of the Knights of Columbus.

I want to thank Nick for his service to this country and wish him good health and happiness. I also want to thank Nick’s friends, Claire McCue and her daughter, who is shown in the photo above right. Claire interviewed Nick and sent us the information about his life for the tribute. In an effort to honor Nick for his service this recent Veterans Day, Claire found a TD shirt and patch to present to him.

In addition to Nick, two of his brothers also served in the military, one in the Pacific Theater and the other in Italy and North Africa.