Tuck, Alan D. (813th)

Alan-Dean-Tuck-1Alan D. Tuck

Biography:  Alan Dean Tuck was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 8, 1922.  He was the son of Sidney Claiborne Tuck and Rossie Rainey Petty and attended public schools in the Atlanta area.  During his time in high school, Dean joined their R.O.T.C. program. 

On November 16, 1940, Dean married Sara Evelyn Sexton who was the daughter of Howard Sexton and Susie Moon. Sara had been born in Atlanta, Georgia. The couple would have one son, Alan Dean II, born in 1942.

Service Time:  Dean entered the service and was chosen to attend O.S.C. (Officer Candidate School) and would have graduated as a 2nd Lieutenant.  he was not with the 813th when they shipped to Africa but probably joined then while they were in England preparing for the Normandy landings.  He was ultimately assigned to lead the 3rd Platoon of Company C.  On June 27th, 1944, the unit disembarked on Utah Beach and joined the drive to Lemans, then onto Alencon and the Falaise Gap.  They were the first unit to cross the Seine River and entered Belgium in early September.  They moved south and supported the advance to Strasbourg in November before battling in the Norwind Offensive.  It was during this time (Dec. 16-17) that Alan was severely wounded in the neck, by a sniper’s bullet.  At the time, the unit was fighting between Niederroedern and Soufflenhein.  After heavy losses they re-equipped with M18s in January. The unit shifted back to Belgium and re-equipped again with M36s.  The 813th crossed the Rhine and participated in reduction of the Ruhr Pocket prior to taking on occupational duties.

Alan-Dean-Tuck-2Dean worked as a cab driver in the Atlanta area for 6 months before rejoining the Army on November 23, 1946, at Fort McPherson, in Atlanta.  He entered at the rank of Master Sergeant.  In 1951 he transferred into the Air Force, as a 1st Lieutenant, serving in the Security Police, until 1962.  He retired at the rank of Major.  During his time in the Air Force, he was stationed at bases all over the U.S., including Langley in Virginia, Clarksville in Kentucky, Lowery in Colorado, Sandia in New Mexico, George in California, Elmendorf and Eielson in Alaska, March, in California, and Minot in North Dakota.

Dean and Sara continued to work on their family, having two girls and two more boys, Nancy born in 1946, James born in 1948, Lisa born in 1956 and Steven born in 1962.  Alan loved spending time with his children, and later his grandchildren.  He also enjoyed fishing and was known for his great sense of humor.  He passed away on February 14, 1992 and was buried at the Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside California.

The main photo was taken while the unit was training at the Imber Range, on the Salisbury Plain, in Wiltshire, England.   The second image shows Dean with one of the unit’s M20 scout vehicles.  An additional image of Alan with the other platoon leaders, can be seen in the photo gallery, for the 813th.  I want to thank Alan’s son, James “Mike” Tuck, for supplying the information and photos for this tribute.