Operations of Task Force “A” – Gen Earnest Aprvd

Task Force A was a fast moving group of units of the VIII Corps, sent into the Brittany Peninsula to secure the main railroad line running from Brest to Rennes, France.  This would take the units along the north coast of Brittany. It was their hope that that some of the bridges could be saved before the Germans could destroy them. The units involved were the 15th Cavalry Group, the 15th Calvary Group HQ, the 15th Calvary Squadron, and the 17th Calvary Squadron.  Additionally the 6th Tank Destroyer Group which was composed of the 705th Tank Destroyer Bn., the 159th Engineer Combat Bn., and the 509th Engineer Light Pontoon Company. All the units reported to the 1st Tank Destroyer Brigade, commanded by Brigadier General Herbert L. Earnest.

The following document is a report of their actions and was personally approved by BG Earnest.

Operations of Task Force A