Anti-Armor Defense Study by SAIC (Science Applications International Corp) 3-9-1990

I found this report while searching the web.  The following text outlines the objective of the study.

“The objective is to collect historical data on five US anti-tank actions in WWII. The data will be combined with comparable data assembled by the UK and used in a joint US/UK analysis of the degradation in anti-armor defense effectiveness under combat conditions. The degradation factors will allow projections of the combat performance of future anti-armor defenses to be based upon a balanced combination of historical and instrumented field test data.”

The reason I have included it on the site is that the list of Tank Destroyer resources within the report is by far the most extensive I have ever seen on the subject.  Very much worth a look if you have a lot of time.

1.)  Anti-Armor Defense Study – Volume I, Technical Report  (Pages 1 to 150)

2.)  Anti-Armor Defense Study – Volume I, Technical Report  (Pages 151 to 296)