The General Board, US Forces ETO – Report on TD Units

This is a report done by the General Board of the United States Forces of the European Theater.  Their mission, as identified on the cover page, was to prepare a report and make recommendations on the tactical employment, organization and equipment of tank destroyers.  The Board was established by General Order 128, dated June 17, 1945.  They supposedly met immediately after WWII. Notable officers that prepared the report were Brig. Gen. J. D. Balmer, Col. L. J. Compton, Col. P. B. Bell and Maj. A. I. Lohse.  Consultants included Col. L. E. Jacoby (5th TD Grp), Lt. Col. W. E. Showalter (703rd TD Bn), Lt. Col. J. H. Montgomery (802nd TD Bn), Lt. Col. E. F. Graham (644th TD Bn), and Lt. Col. M. O. Bidwell (704th TD Bn).

Tank Destroyer Organization, Equipment and Tactical Employment of Tank Destroyer Units