After The Battle Magazine – Issue No. 25

ATB-Issue-No.-25After The Battle’s issue number 25 features a nice article on the preservation of a late model M-10 Tank Destroyer.  The TD was found in a southern England scrapyard, overgrown since the end of the war and hemmed in by a number of other vehicles. The restoration project did not look too promising at first.  With some large batteries obtained in France, the unit’s new owner, Peter Gray, Military Vehicle Conservation Group founder, was able to start its twin GM 6 cylinder engines.  Within a few days, the TD was removed from the site and on display at a D-Day show in the area.  Ultimately, the M-10 was shown and used in both TV and movies. A really nice effort for a great piece of history.

After The Battle has been in business for over 35 years providing history of all major conflicts. They produce both magazines and books and their “Now and Then” photo comparisons are a favorite of mine.  I have purchased a number of their issues. 

After The Battle has a website, www.afterthebattle.com, with a free down-loadable index of all their issues, which makes finding a particular subject relatively easy.  Purchasing the issues must be done through their U.S. importer, RZM Imports.  You can find them at www.rzm.com.  Issue costs are reasonable.