647th Tank Destroyer Battalion

Unit History:  Formed on March 6, 1943, at Camp Bowie, TX.  Deactivated in May 12, 1944, Camp Van Dorn, MS.  Personnel transferred to the 144th Infantry.

Combat Equipment:  N/A

Commanding Officers:  Lt. Col. Richard W. Mayo

Code Name/s:  N/A

Campaign Credits:   Continental U.S. Service Only

Awards:  None

Additional Information/Materials:

1.)  Christmas Program – A 1943 Christmas Program for Company B of the 647th Tank Destroyer Battalion, while the unit was stationed at Fort Jackson, SC.  The program includes a Menu and a Roster of both Officers and Enlisted men totalling about 130.

2.)  Miscellaneous Documents-from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum and Boyhood Home, Abilene, Kansas.

      Special Orders #105, May 1, 1943……………………1 Page

3.)  Company B Group Photo – Taken at an unknown location and unknown date. Provided courtesy of Paul Stevens.