655th Tank Destroyer Battalion

Unit History:  Formed on Apr. 3, 1943, at Camp Bowie, TX.  Disbanded on Apr 10, 1944, at Camp Hood, TX.  Personnel transferred to the 493rd and 869th Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Companies.

Combat Equipment:  N/A

Commanding Officers:  Lt. Col. George R. Poole (Original CO);  Major Mortimer M. Merritt (3/23/44)

Code Name/s:  N/A

Campaign Credits:   Continental U.S. Service Only

Awards:  None

Additional Information/Materials

1.)  Miscellaneous Documents – from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum and Boyhood Home, Abilene, Kansas.

      Special Orders #105, May 1, 1943……………………………..1 Page

2.)  A Company Group Photo – Taken at Camp Hood by their own photographic department. The group includes about a hundred men with the officers sitting in the front row. The photo’s date is not given but the 655th only existed from April 1943 to April 1944.