671st Tank Destroyer Battalion

Unit History:  Activated on Jun. 12, 1943 at Camp Hood, TX.  Unit shipped from Seattle port of embarkation on Dec. 28, 1944, landing on Hawaii on Jan. 5, 1945.  Shipped to Philippines in July of 1945 preparing for invasion of Japan.  Returned to U.S. via Los Angeles port on Jan. 16, 1946.  Unit was deactivated on Jan. 17, 1946, at Camp Anza, CA.

Combat Equipment:  M18

Commanding Officers:  Major Glenn L. Epperson (6/12/43);  Lt. Col. Allerton R. Cushman (7/27/43);  Major Millard L. Davis (5/2/43);  Lt. Col. Robert H. Wilson (6/14/44);  Lt. Col. Allerton R. Cushman (11/1/44)

Code Name/s:  None

Campaign Credits:   None

Awards:  None

Location August 1945:  Philippine Islands

Additional Information/Materials:

1.)  Unit History, June 12, 1943-Oct. 10, 1945……………………….23 Pages.  Courtesy of the Tank Destroyer Association by L. L. Gill, TDA Historian.

2.)  Tank Destroyers Against Japan – Article in the Field Artillery Journal, February, 1946.  Written by Lt. Col. Allerton R. Cushman who commanded the 671st during WWII.

3.)  Photo Gallery