772nd Tank Destroyer Battalion

Unit History:  Activated on 16 December, 1941, at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, as a Heavy Self-Propelled unit. Converted to a towed battalion during training. Shipped from New York port on September 29, 1944, and arrived in England on October 10th. Landed in France on December 20th. Entered the line near Birgel, Germany, on 22 December, 1944. Fought in Belgium in January, 1945, then shifted south to Seventh Army’s sector along the Rhine in February.  Converted to the M36 beginning in late March.  Supported operations against the Ruhr Pocket in April and then took on military government duties.  Attached to: 30th, 75th, 83d, 106th Infantry divisions.  History text from the book The Tank Killers by Harry Yeide.  Used by permission.

Combat Equipment: 12/44 – Towed 3″ Gun; 3/45 – M36

Commanding Officers:  Lt. Col. Harry W. McClellan;  Exec. Officer Maj. James K. Chenault

Code Name/s:  Confetti

Campaign Credits:    Rhineland……………………Sept. 15, 1944 to Mar. 21, 1945

                                 Ardennes-Alsace…………..Dec. 16, 1944 to Jan 25, 1945

                                 Central Europe……………..Mar. 22, to May 11, 1945

Awards:  None

Location August 1945:  Camp San Luis Obispo, CA

Additional Information/Materials:

1.)  Photo Gallery

2.)  After Action Reports – from the Combined Arms Research Library of the Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

              Dec. 1-31, 1944…………..2 Pages

              Jan. 1-31, 1945…………..3 Pages (includes casualties)

              Feb. 1-28, 1945…………..3 Pages (includes casualties)

              Mar. 1-31, 1945…………..4 Pages (includes casualties and awards, difficult to read)

              Apr. 1-30, 1945…………..7 Pages (includes casualties and awards)

3.)  Unit Journal, Dec. 5, 1944 – June 21, 1945Courtesy of the Tank Destroyer Association by L. L. Gill, TDA Historian.

4.)  My Tour in the ETO, unknown author – Courtesy of the Tank Destroyer Association by L. L. Gill, TDA Historian.

5.)  1943 Co. C Christmas Meal Program – Dated for December 25, 1943, the program provides the meal’s menu and a listing of all Company C personnel with their rank and home towns. The unit was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri at the time. Courtesy of Paul Stevens.

6.)  72nd Brigade Antitank Pictorial – The beginnings of the 772nd Tank Destroyer battalion were in the Antitank Battalion of the 72nd Field Artillery Brigade. The unit was formed on July 12, 1941, with a Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Batteries A, B, C and D. The pictorial is from 1941, while the unit was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. The unit was commanded by Lt. Col. George B. Ely.