2nd Tank Destroyer Brigade

Unit History:  Unit was activated at Camp Hood, TX, on Nov. 24, 1942.  The unit moved to Camp Forest, TN, on Apr 11, 1943, as part of Second Army and to the Tennessee maneuvers area on Apr. 19, 1943.  Returned to Camp Forest on Aug. 26, 1943, and were next sent to Camp Breckinridge, KY, on Oct. 5, 1943.  The unit moved back to the Tennessee maneuver area on Nov. 8, 1943, but soon went back to Camp Breckinridge, KY, on Nov. 20, 1943, and were attached to the XX Corps.  The unit was deactivated on Mar. 8, 1944. Attached/Supported: Second Army and XX Corps.  Information gathered from WWII Order of Battle by Shelby L. Stanton.

Combat Equipment:  N/A

Commanding Officers:  Lt. Col. Samuel T. Wallace (12/15/43)

Code Name/s:  N/A

Campaign Credits:   Continental U.S. Service Only

Awards:  None

Location August 1945:  N/A

Additional Information/Materials:

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