16th Tank Destroyer Group

Unit History:  Unit was activated at Camp Bowie, TX, on Apr. 3, 1943.  The unit moved to Camp Hood, TX, on May 9, 1943.  Continued on to Fort Jackson, SC, on Oct. 18, 1943, and attached to XII Corps.  They were then transferred to the Tennessee Maneuver Area on Jan. 21, 1944, and then to Camp Breckinridge, KY, on Mar. 24, 1944, as part of XXII Corps.  Moved to Camp Kilmer, NJ, on Oct. 15, 1944, to prepare for shipment.  The unit remained there until they departed from the New York Port of Embarkation on Nov. 1, 1944, and arrived in England on Nov. 9, 1944.  They then shipped to France, landing on Feb. 17, 1945, where they acted as the XXI Corps Anti-Tank section.  They then moved into Germany on Mar. 23, 1945.  The unit shipped back to the U.S., arriving at the Boston, MA, port on Sep. 4, 1945.  From there it was on to Camp Swift, TX, in Sep. of 1945, where there were deactivated on Nov. 10, 1945.  Attached/Supported: XII, XXII and XXI Corps.  Information gathered from WWII Order of Battle by Shelby L. Stanton.

Combat Equipment:  N/A

Commanding Officers:  Col. Harry J. Wheaton

Code Name/s:  Unknown

Campaign Credits:   Rhineland……………………Sept. 15, 1944 to Mar. 21, 1945

                                 Central Europe……………..Mar. 22, to May 11, 1945

Awards:  None

Location August 1945:  France

Additional Information/Materials:

    1.)  Miscellaneous Documents-from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, Abilene, Kansas.

            Special Orders #105, May 1, 1943………………………..1 Page

    2.) Photo Gallery