Tank Destroyer Song – by Major Thomas Denny

There were two songs penned by Thomas Denny, dedicated to the Tank Destroyer Men. Both songs give credit to Denny for the words and music although he is listed as a Captain for the first and a Major for the second. The first song includes references to Hiro-Hito and Schickle Gruber.

The second version eliminates those specific references, which I believe was an attempt to make this a lasting tribute to the men serving in the TDs, rather than focus on the enemy. The second version was officially approved in September of 1944.

Version 1 – “Tank Destroyer Men” by Cpt. Thomas Denny

MP3 of Ver. 1 – Featuring Tenor Warren Moulton and Gabriella Scanu on piano

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Version 2 – “Tank Destroyer Men” by Maj. Thomas Denny (Official)