The following reference materials played a large part in providing information about my father’s unit but also in giving me a much greater understanding of WWII and the men and women that served. When I started my research, I really did not have a good understanding of anything relating to these subjects. Now that I know how much research is required to write a good document on any subject, I take my hat off to the authors that have taken their time to preserve and document such a critical time in world history.

Softy Call the Muster – by John A. Adams, Jr.

John A. Adams, Jr.’s book on the Evolution of a Texas Aggie Tradition is a real companion book for me in that not only does it mention the "Muster on the Elbe" celebration, where my father was honored, but it also includes the interesting map of Texas that was printed in the Program they used. 

When I was researching the Program I had found in dad’s satchel, I contacted the Texas A&M College about it.  They graciously gave me the contact information for John Adams, a 1973 graduate, who had wrote the book and was the authority on the Musters.  I contacted him and he told me that I might be the only other person to have the Program from the Elbe Muster.  He had found a copy of the Program in the college archives being used as a book mark.  He gave me the contact information for Frank Pool, who was one of the organizers of the Elbe Muster and happened to be still alive.  That was all John could tell me but he did encourage me to keep looking for the information I sought.  It was a word I would continue to hold on to for years to come.

I did contact Frank Pool, and although he couldn’t tell me much about the Elbe Muster, it was nice to speak with someone that had actually been there.  I think that’s what the book is about….not just telling about the Musters but helping us to better understand the tradition of the Musters and the men and women that have celebrated this fine tradition over the years. 

Softy Call the Muster is available through the Texas A & M University Press as well as other major book outlets.