The following reference materials played a large part in providing information about my father’s unit but also in giving me a much greater understanding of WWII and the men and women that served. When I started my research, I really did not have a good understanding of anything relating to these subjects. Now that I know how much research is required to write a good document on any subject, I take my hat off to the authors that have taken their time to preserve and document such a critical time in world history.

Americans In Brittany 1944 – The Battle for Brest by Jonathan Gwane

After I received the After Action Reports for the HQ Co. 6th Tank Destroyer Grp from the National Archives and identified that the unit was involved in the Brittany Campaign, I immediately began searching for information on it.  It didn’t take long to find Jonathan Gawne’s book on the subject.  Not only does this book cover the conflict but it devotes an entire chapter to Task Force A, which included the 6th TD Grp.  I really enjoy the balance of text and images as well as the models dressed in accurate uniforms for the various units.  He obviously did his research. 

Like me, Jon’s driving force was his father, Lt. John O. Gawne of the 28th Infantry Regiment, which that also took part in the Campaign. 

Jon was very helpful to me in my research and courteously allowed me to use images and text from the book.  Unfortunately this book is no longer available through the major booksellers but may be available from secondary sources or dealers of antique, rare or specialized military books.  Thank you Jon for a great book!

The Tank Killers by Harry Yeide

One of my favorite authors is Harry Yeide.  Not only because he writes about things I am interested in but because while doing my research, Harry took the time to look into some archive materials for me. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to find but I wanted to note his efforts.  Harry’s book The Tank Killers came out some time after I had started my research.