Employment of Four Tank Destroyer Battalions in the ETO – Report, May 1950

The following report was prepared for the Officers Advanced Course at the Armored School of Ft. Knox, Kentucky, in May, 1950.  It provides information on the actions of the 628th, 644th, 704th, and the 823rd TD Bn’s.  The report has a large list of authors including five Majors and three Captains.  The two sections listed below are large files so be forewarned.

Employment of Four TD Bns in the ETO – Part 1………Pages 1 to 63 (6.8 MB)

           Chapter  1 – Introduction

                        2 – General Missions and Organization of TD Units

                        3 – The 628th TD Bn (Self-Propelled)

                        4 – The 644th TD Bn, Operation in the Ardennes

Employment of Four TD Bns in the ETO – Part 2………Pages 64 to 147 (9.2 MB)

                        5 – The 704th TD Bn

                        6 – The 823rd TD Bn (Towed) at Mortain

                        7 – Contemporary Comment

                        8 – Conclusions and Recommendations


                         I.    628th TD Bn – Training

                        II.    628th TD Bn – Combat History

                       III.    704th TD Bn – Training

                       IV.    823rd TD Bn – Training

                       V.     Maps